2014 Security Gadgets for a Secure Home

Innovation in technology has led to development of amazing security products that have helped secure homes around the world. Increase in crime rates has led to many companies to come up with home security systems, home security camera systems and home alarm systems. These systems help in home security monitoring.

These systems help detect intruders and other dangers that pose a risk to you and your family. Without these gadgets, intruders would gain entry into homes and cause harm to the family members while stealing valuable items. Below are gadgets that will help boost your security in and around your home.

An alarm padlock

Padlocks in the past have been used to lock doors and prevent unauthorized access to an area. Many burglars got access to the areas anyway by simply cutting the padlock. This led to many businesses and individuals losing valuables over time.

With technology, padlocks are now proving to be difficult to bypass. Modern padlocks are built with a hardened steel body that is difficult to cut through. Coupled with an alarm that lets out an ear piercing screeching sound when tampered with, burglars have finally met their match.

The screeching sound is usually produced after every 5 to 10 seconds until the owner uses the proper key to open so as to turn it off. Without the proper key, the alarm will continue to sound after 5 to 10 seconds interval.

Burglars trying to tamper with such kind of a padlock will be difficult because they have to do while having their ears screamed at.

Electronic barking dog alarm

Suitable for those who don’t have a pet and travel frequently, the electronic barking dog alarm is a device that has infra red that detects intruders. The device is highly engineered such that it can distinguish humans from animals and other objects.

It’s infra red motion sensing system can penetrate through various materials such as wood, stone and bricks among others. This enables the device to be perfect for indoor placing. The manufacturers have recorded the bark of a German shepherd which when the device goes off, sound like a real dog.

It can be connected to outdoor lights which can turn on when the device detects an intruder.

Fake electronic TV

Perfect for home owners who travel frequently, the fake electric TV is composed of several LED bulbs that can mimic different TV activities. It produces a flickering effect similar to that produced by a 27 inch or 32 inch flat screen TV.

It is better than lamps with timers. The device is perfect for deterring burglars from breaking into your home. The TV effect leaves an impression of someone at home watching a late night movie.

Smart lock

This is a modern door lock that utilizes state of the art technology that includes encryption and mobile apps. To gain access, all a user needs is to have the door lock installed and have the app. When the owner approaches the door, the smart lock detects the device containing the app and grants access. The home owner can also invite other family members and friends to have access via the system.

It has an everlock technology which helps to lock the door when it senses the door is closed. This will prevent any intruder from gaining access. Bluetooth technology allows syncing between the phone and the smart lock to allow auto opening of the door.

With such kind of a lock, you don’t need keys and you don’t have to worry about losing your keys.

Digital Peephole

Peepholes have been in existence for quite sometime and have been the perfect way of identifying visitors at the door. With advancement in technology, a digital peephole is finally available in the market. The modern digital peephole viewer offers a wide viewing angle allowing the home owner to see even those who may be hiding from view.

It is suitable for areas that sell high value products such as jewelry shops and banks among others. It has an LCD screen which displays images captured by a frontal camera. The frontal camera helps to compensate for fish eye distortion.

As a digital device, it is perfect for securing the home and allowing only visitors who are granted access.

With all the above modern devices, you no longer have to fear when you travel for business or pleasure. Your home is secure until your return.

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